BPropEasy is the rental payment service under My Bproperty. The service is operated by Bproperty.com Limited


  1. How can I sign-up for BPropEasy?

            Answer: You can visit the URL www.my.bproperty.com/register to sign-up.


  1. What is the minimum period of subscription for rental payment via BPropEasy?

Answer: Once registered and verified, if you chose to pay rent via BPropEasy, the minimum period of subscription is 6 months.


  1. Is there any charge for registration or subscription?

Answer: No, there is no extra charge for registration or subscription.


  1. Why do I need a verified account to use BPropEasy?

Answer: At BProperty.com Limited our main aim is to provide the best experience for which we eliminate brokers from the rental scene. In order to achieve that we verify each owner/tenant's account and activate it after verifying that the user is genuine.


  1. How long does it take to verify my account?

Answer: After getting all the information and documents. It will take a maximum of 2 working days to verify the account.


  1. How will I know my account is verified?

Answer: You will be notified about the account verification via email & SMS.


  1. Can I list property details by myself in BPropEasy?

Answer: No, property details will be collected and uploaded only by our customer relationship managers. Property details will be collected via email or whatsapp. After listing the account will be verified.


  1. How secure is BPropEasy?

Answer: Security is incredibly important to us, therefore when you pay on our website, we use sophisticated security measures to ensure your confidential information is secure and encrypted. BPropEasy or My Bproperty does not store any of your financial information.


  1. What are the benefits of BPropEasy?
    Answer: BPropEasy allows you to pay your house rent using a range of online payment options like credit card, debit card, e-wallets etc.


  1. Is there any service charge included for availing the service? If applicable, what are the charges?

Answer: There is no service charge up-to BDT 1 Lac rent payment. Above BDT 1 Lac there is 4% service charge included.

  1. Is there any deadline for rental payment via BPropEasy?

Answer: Yes, you have to make the rental payment by day 05 of every month.


  1. How do I make my rental payment via BPropEasy?
    Answer: The first time you use BPropEasy, you have to enter basic details such as landlord’s name, contact details, monthly rent payment and date of payment. These details are needed only once, thereafter, you can make payments by just choosing your preferred mode of payment.

  2. How does BPropEasy pay rent to the landlord?
    Answer: When you submit your landlord’s bank account details on BPropEasy, we verify these details and transfer the amount directly to the landlord's bank account. Please note that transfer may take up to 2 working days.

  3. If I have made the rent payment but my transaction was put on hold, what to do now?
    Answer: Please contact our customer care center at +8809612 110011 to report any similar incidents.

  4. How will my rent payment reflect on my landlord’s account?
    Answer: Your rent payment will reflect in your landlord’s bank account from BProperty.com Limited with description” September rent payment from X. The month will change based on when you make the payment and your name will be as per the details you provide us.


  1. If I have made the payment now, when will the landlord receive the rent?
    Answer: Although we try to process all the payments as soon as possible , it may take up to 5 working days for the payment to reflect in your landlord’s account and statement.

  2. My landlord is not registered to BPropEasy? Can I pay my rent?
    Answer: No. Your landlord needs to be registered on BPropEasy service to receive your rental payment. We verify both tenant and landlord information before proceeding with any financial transaction.

  3. How do I get a receipt on BPropEasy?
    Answer: After making the rent payment on BPropEasy, rent receipt will be generated and automatically sent to your email. You can also log into the portal and check transaction details to download the receipt.

  4. Can I set standing instructions or autopay on my card using BPropEasy?
    Answer: At this moment this option is not available. You have to pay manually via the portal.

  5. I do not have any rental agreement, can I pay my rent?
    Answer: Rental agreement is mandatory for processing payment. If you do not have any agreement, then our team will help you get a stamped rental agreement.

  6. I will change my residence address, how can I change the landlord's details?
    Answer: You have to call our customer care center at +8809612110011 for changing the landlord’s details. You cannot change from the portal.

  7. Can I pay via cash?
    Answer: No, we will only receive online/digital payment through our platform

  8. What is the payment mode for BPropEasy?
    Answer: You can pay for rental payment online via

    1. Credit card

    2. Debit card

    3. bKash

    4. Nagad 

  9. Can I pay for other maintenance services through BPropEasy?

Answer: No. Currently we are only providing online rent pay service through BPropEasy.


  1. Can I pay using Bproperty mobile app?

Answer: Bproperty app does not have this feature at this moment. This service is only available in the My Bproperty web portal. But you can access the web portal via mobile. The portal is mobile friendly.


  1. If I want to discontinue the service, what should I do?

Answer: You have to call our customer care center at +8809612 110011 to discontinue the service.


  1. How can I register as it does not take any ISD number?

Answer: You can register by putting any active Bangladeshi number that you have and your email address.


  1. Can I avail the service if I am not residing in Bangladesh?

Answer: Yes, you can avail the service if you are not residing in Bangladesh.