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Bproperty Interior 

The look and feel of your work space affect clients, customers, employees and your brand’s image. Our dedicated interior designers create and implement the best space according to the needs of your brand and business, in the quickest fashion.

Strong First Impression 

First impressions mean a lot to clients and customers. We believe in interior designs that create the strongest first impression and boost the way your consumers see you.

Maximum Productivity

Our experts plan out the best layout, mood board, and design to improve mood and maximize productivity in the workplace.

Customized Furniture

We ensure the furnishings and furniture in your workplace are exactly the way you need to satisfy the needs of your clientele and employees.

Undertaking Success

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Create the perfect space for your employees to move in the most fluid fashion that also impresses every client that walks into your office.

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Retail Outlets

Create amazing retail stores that display your product and services in prominent fashion and highlight your most valuable goods so consumers must avail your services.

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 Ambiance and décor are the keys to creating the perfect setting for all diners to enjoy a great meal in your restaurant.

Corporate Packages


An elementary change in the interior to improve the appearance and create a great first impression.


Moderate changes to improve space aesthetics, clarify brand values, and improve functionality.


Complete environment remodeling to establish brand values and improve functional productivity.  


Trust in Bproperty

Bproperty is the only property solutions provider in Bangladesh catering to the needs of those with real estate queries, whether property search or customization. Under the Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG) operating across 17 countries all over the world, Bproperty is a provider of all things real estate. We offer the most convenient platform that enables anyone to find the right solutions to their real estate needs.

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If you want personalized space planning, renovations, and customized furniture services, look no further than Bproperty Interior.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I go for interior designing solutions at BProperty?

A: BProperty’s Interior Solutions Department consists of a team of experts from fields of Interior  Designing, Architecture and Project Management to provide our clients the best service, commitment and  creativity at the shortest time and best price because we at BProperty value your time and money.  Your "trust" and "satisfaction" first and foremost and last but not the least is our only priority and we do  not stop until we deliver what we promise.

Q: By interior “solutions”, what exactly do you mean?

A: Starting from consultancy where we paint you a clear picture of your dream house or workspace to physically designing, renovating and even entirely remodeling your Residential and/or Commercial space, we just don’t hand you a service; we hand you step by step solutions to create your business or corporate office, the restaurant you had dreamt of building for years, that boutique you’ve been saving up for half a decade, the bungalow you inherited that you want to convert into a beautiful cozy getaway guest house, the home you would hate to leave behind in the morning and won’t be able to wait to get back to at the end of a busy day. We create image, peace, value, status, comfort, functionality and magic. We do it all.

Q: Why choose you and not do it ourselves?

A: Our in-house team of experts in the field have in-depth knowledge of both interior, exterior designing and architectural, civil, electrical and plumbing solutions. Design solutions also include consultancy services like designing functional floor plans, preparing working drawing, doing furniture layout, providing detailed ceiling layout plans, color suggestions, bathroom and kitchen layout plans, plumbing designing, electrical plans. Basically, we look after all your needs not only aesthetically but functionally. Coming to the cost aspect, it may be cheaper to do it yourself. However, in the long run, we should always focus on quality in order to save the extra costs that may keep adding up to make up for lack of quality which is a risk that comes with taking things in your hands, let’s not forget the stress that comes along with the process. We focus strictly on “quality” and the cost of it is worth it. We however also make sure our solutions fit your budget as per your requirements. We will accordingly give you the best materials at the best market prices, all this because like we said, we prioritize your time and money above all.

Q: To get your interior solutions, do I have to renovate or remodel my entire home or workspace?

A: Not at all. We are open to providing simpler solutions ranging from renovating only one room in your house to building customized furniture for your commercial or residential space as per your requirement and taste.

Q: What happens when there’s a problem after the work is complete?

A: Our work doesn’t end after a project has been handed over to a client. In fact, the real work begins after, where we ensure that the relationship we had built with our clients is maintained in the long run. To ensure this, we provide a six-month minimum free service after handing over the work to you in case any problems arises due to unforeseen circumstances.