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The new age of rent payment

and collection

Redefining rent payment

PayRent is a new platform designed to streamline tenant and landlord payment engagements. As a remote platform, you can make and receive rent on time through a secure platform you can trust, whether you live a floor apart or in another country. And with features such as payment alerts and scheduling, automated invoices, and history tracking, it is time to take complete control of your rental finances. 

Empowering Tenants

Remote payment is quickly becoming the standard in everything. With PayRent, tenants now have access to multiple payment options such as bank transfers, credit and debit card payments, and mobile payments. 

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Convenience for Homeowners

Homeowners can now receive their rent from wherever they are through PayRent. No more tenant visits or collection managers transferring cash to you. All the money goes straight to your account without any extra hassle.

Enjoy all PayRent

has to offer

Contactless Payments

With a digital platform to manage your rental finances, there is no longer a need to physically meet anyone. Be comfortable in your own space without a worry in the world. 

Monitor your finances

Access your rent history, payment details, or changes in tenancy. View the whole story of your property whenever you want to keep track of things important to you.

All your information; in one place

Forget the need to dig into your drawer to find all your paperwork and save all your receipts. Everything is now at your fingertips including property information and all invoices generated through PayRent.

Hassle-free online rent payment  

Connect to PayRent from any internet enabled device, click a few buttons and you’re done. No counting cash, no waiting for receipts. That’s it, payment complete.

The most secure transactions

Connecting through the most secure and popular payment gateway in the country, you can rest assured that your money goes exactly where it is meant to go - no questions asked.

Services on the go

Whether you’re sitting at home, stuck in traffic, or on holiday in Europe, never have a delayed rent payment. Connect to PayRent from wherever you are and finish the job right.

No hidden charges

Your money is your money. The tenant pays their rent, the landlord receives their rent - there’s nothing more to it. The process is free and easy to use so that the user is happy. Simple.

All parties verified

Be reassured that your finances and information and those of your counterparts are thoroughly checked and verified before appearing on the platform so there is zero chance of falling victim to deceit.

Start using PayRent!

Sign up today for the most convenient and secure rental payment management system.

Easy Online Payments!

You can easily pay through the most reputed SSLCOMMERZ

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is PayRent? 
Answer: PayRent is a platform by Bproperty for tenants to pay their rent online without having to leave the comforts of your seat. 

2. How can I sign-up for PayRent?
Answer: Please click the SIGN UP button to go to the sign-up page.  

3. What is the minimum period of subscription for rental payment via PayRent?
Answer: If you choose to pay rent via PayRent, the minimum period of subscription is 6 months.

4. Is there any charge for registration or subscription?
Answer: Registration and subscription are absolutely free of cost.

5. Why do I need a verified account to use PayRent?
Answer: A verified account on PayRent ensures all parties involved have the most accurate and up-to-date information before any action takes place so that all transactions are as secure as possible.

6. How long does it take to verify my account?
Answer: After receiving all the required information and documents, it may take up to 2 working days to verify an account.

7. How will I know my account is verified?
Answer: A notification of account verification will be sent to your registered phone number and email address.

8. Can I list property details by myself on PayRent?
Answer: No. PayRent is a payment platform and not meant for placing listings. However, you can always list your property on Bproperty platform.

9. How secure is PayRent?
Answer: Security is incredibly important to us. All your information remains locked behind a set of security measures in place to keep all your information a secret.

10. What are the benefits of PayRent?
Answer: PayRent allows you to pay your rent using a range of online payment options like credit card, debit card, mobile banking, etc.

11. Is there any charge for using PayRent?
Answer: There is no service charge for properties with a rent below BDT 1 Lac. 

12. Is there any deadline for rental payment via PayRent?
Answer: Yes, you have to make the rental payment by day 5 of every month.


13. How do I make my payment on PayRent?
Answer: ​ ​ The first time you use PayRent, you enter basic details such as your landlord’s name, contact details, monthly rent payment, and date of payment. This information is then saved to your account and you can make future payments by just choosing your preferred mode of payment.

14. How does PayRent transfer the rent to the landlord?
Answer: PayRent verifies the landlord bank account information that you provided and transfers the amount directly to the landlord's bank account. Please note that transfers may take maximum up-to 5 working days.

15. What should I do if I make a rent payment but my transaction is put on hold?
Answer: You will be sent a notification stating an issue has occurred. You are requested to contact our customer care center for further clarification regarding your specific issue.

16. How will my rent payment show on my landlord’s account?
Answer: Your rent payment will show in your landlord’s bank account as from BProperty.com with description “September rent payment from X” with details of the transaction.

17. How long does it take for the landlord to receive a payment I made?
Answer: Depending on the bank’s processing of a transaction, it can take up to maximum 5 working days for the landlord’s account to receive the money.

18. My landlord is not on PayRent. Can I pay now?
Answer: No. Your account can only be verified if your corresponding landlord is available on the platform. Ask your landlord to join PayRent today so that you can both begin using the easiest rent payment platform in the country.

19. How do I get a receipt on PayRent?
Answer: After making a payment on PayRent, a rent receipt will be generated. You can log into the portal and check transaction details to download the receipt.

20. Can I set repeating instructions or use an auto-pay feature to make payments on PayRent?
Answer: At this moment this option is not available, though will be added soon. Currently, you have to pay manually through our portal.

21. I do not have any rental agreement, can I pay my rent?
Answer: A rental agreement is mandatory for account verification. If you do not have any agreement, then our team at Bproperty will help you get a verifiable rental agreement.

22. If I change my address, how can I change the landlord's details?
Answer: You have to call our customer care center  (+8809612 110011)  for changes in landlord details. You cannot change this from the portal.

23. Can I pay via cash?
Answer: No. The platform is only for digital payments.

24. Can I pay for other maintenance services through PayRent?
Answer: No. PayRent is meant only for tenants to make rent payments to their landlords.

25. If I want to discontinue the service, what should I do?
Answer: You have to call our customer care center (+8809612 110011) to discontinue the service.

26. Can I register using an ISD number?
Answer: No. You must register using an active number in Bangladesh and with a valid email address.